Chateau Mareuil

Histoire, Beauté ,Tradition....

Bienvenue au Château Mareuil !

Welcome to Chateau Mareuil!

Venez visiter notre magnifique château médiéval au cœur de la France.

Come and visit our beautiful Medieval Chateau in the middle of France. ...........

Nous offrons à nos hôtes

  • Location de vacances de luxe avec piscine privée (12 personnes)
  • Lieu du mariage
  • Chambres d'Hotes avec diner optionnel
  • Dégustation de vin
  • Réunions du club automobile
  • Fêtes et événements privés

We offer to our guests:

  • Luxury Holiday Rental with private pool (12 guests)
  • Wedding Venue
  • B&B with optional dinner
  • Wine Tastings
  • Car club Meetings
  • Private Parties & Events

Chateau Mareuil will be featured every afternoon from April 13th - 17th in Series 4 of Channel 4's popular "Escape to the Chateau - DIY"!

Belinda & Lee Prince

Chateau Mareuil

Phone: 00 33 549 480 293

Mobile: 0044 7834 832689

Mobile: 0044 7711 142775

How to get here from the UK

By Road - Calais (Eurotunnel) 6-7 hours

Caen (Ouistreham) 4-4.5 hours

By Air - Limoges or Poitiers - approx 1 hour/Ryanair

By Rail - From Paris Montparnasse - approx 2.45 hours


We are all experiencing unprecedented times and none of us know when life will get back to normal, or let's hope, move forward to something better.  CHATEAU MAREUIL will still be here when that time comes, ready to offer it's Beauty, History & Tradition to guests, old and new.